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      Manufacturer and Exporter of Shopping Bags in attractive prints and handles.

      India based manufacturer and exporter of jute bags and jute shopping bags.

      Shopping Bags
      Wine Bags
      Daily Usable Bag
      Embroidery & Shoulder Bags
      Small Promotional Bags
      Cosmetic Bag
      Jar Bag
      Fancy Bags
      Rice & Coffee Bags
      Back Packs and Draw String Bags
      Christmas Bags

      Products :: Jute Shopping Bags

      Nowadays Jute Shopping Bags are making their mark not only for its usability but also as a fashion accessory. Available in creative and promotional choices Jute Shopping Bags of every kind to suit the needs of people. These bags can be printed with company logo as per design and art.
      An inexpensive way to promote the anti-plastic mission Jute Shopping Bags are a good choice giving people an option to help the eco-friendly environment while maintaining the style statement at same time.


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      Categories ::
      Leather Bags
      Jute Bags

      Worldwide shipment by sea and by air. We also offer jute fabrics in customised pantone shades.

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