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      Exclusive collection of Daily Usable Bags, Canvas Bags, Cotton Bags

      INDIAN MANUFACTURER and EXPORTER of Daily Usable Bags/ Canvas Bags/ Cotton Bags

      Shopping Bags
      Wine Bags
      Daily Usable Bag
      Embroidery & Shoulder Bags
      Small Promotional Bags
      Cosmetic Bag & Jar Bag
      Fancy Bags
      Rice & Coffee Bags
      Back Packs and Draw String Bags
      Christmas Bags

      Products :: Daily Usable Bags / Canvas Bags & Cotton Bags

      Providing bags which can be daily used as well as tools for identity creation at the same time. An invaluable eco-friendly way to promote use of non-plastics for your daily needs. Canvas and Cotton Bags are a new trend in the bag industry. These bags can be custom made according to client requirements. Elegant style and latest trend is the new mantra in the Canvas and Cotton bags industry.


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      Categories ::
      Leather Bags
      Jute Bags

      Worldwide shipment by sea and by air. We also offer jute fabrics in customised pantone shades.

      Cotton Canvas Bags | Cotton Promotional Bags | Cotton Canvas Bag | Promotional Canvas Bag | Canvas Shopping Bag